Plants in various types of media and systems

Beans in perlite with drip feed


Spring Onions & Radish in perlite with drip feed


Black beauty beans in scoria at 6 weeks


Tomatoes in scoria drip fed 



Strawberries in perlite/coco coir mix, drip fed


Purple king beans in scoria at 6 weeks, 8' 6" high



Tomatoes drip fed in pine sawdust 


Tomatoes in perlite using Twin Autopot



Propagating portulaca seeds in vermiculite


Portulaca seeds in vermiculite 4 days old


 Button squash grown in hanging autopot


 Cucumbers grown in autopot windowbox


 Harvested home grown produce


 Orange capsicum


 Red capsicum


 Rhubarb in perlite & drip fed


 Rhubarb 1 week later


 Rhubarb 2 weeks later


 Assorted varieties of ripe tomatoes


 Yellow zucchini




 Members Set-ups

Herbs in scoria flood & drain


Herbs in scoria flood & drain 4 weeks later


Drip fed veges in scoria


Utility boxes as plant containers


Household buckets drip & drain


Homemade drop grow bag fed from top and drain from bottom


Peas in buckets, drip fed, scoria


Strawberries in pvc pipes, dripfed


Lettuce & celery.  Milk cartons around the celery stems keep them white & straight


Cut off containers set up with drip feed


Cut down bins & containers are ideal planters 


Tomatoes thriving in greenhouse during extremely cold September.







The Big Pineapple in Queensland


Ferris Wheel


 N.F.T. system


Herbs in tiered channel set-up


Aeroponic columns



Aeroponic column with plants                              


Looking along the canal of the Big Pineapple's hydroponic pavilion


Herb pyramid




Peanuts in foreground and NFT system


Pumpkins in growool drip fed


Assorted plants in dripfed gutters


Roses drip fed


Tiered gutters


Various stands within Dome


 Farm Visits


Drip fed Basil in Foam boxes 

Various herbs in NFT



Mixed variety Lettuce in NFT


Tomatoes drip fed


Tomato trusses                                                                 


Plastic support bands to prevent tomato weight breaking the plant


N.F.T. growing lettuce


Mixed lettuce varieties in N.F.T.


Tomatoes grown in pine sawdust


 String lines for plant support


Drip fed from top


Hydroponically grown fodder - Barley -day 2


Fodder - day 4


Fodder - day 5


Fodder - day 7


Fodder ready to be fed to cattle


Fodder loaded ready to go


Feed time


Feed time - over 85 kilos of fodder gone within minutes



Hydroponic Rose Farm


Beautiful blooms